Our mission

After a lengthy hiatus we have relocated and reopened YNT Design in the beautiful Kingdom of the Netherlands. George Hitchcock the owner of YNT Design, together with his husband Yilmaz Gulbitti who acts as a consultant to YNT Design, firmly believe in the "POWER OF THE MESSAGE".

"I see our products less as fashion statement, but rather as a method to communicate the individual uniqueness of our customers", says George. He further elaborates that he understands that most people wants to stand out and be noticed, but don't always have a way to do this. Yilmaz mentions, "Our original slogan five years ago, was, Putting the Wow Factor in Your Hands".

YNT Design makes it all about what the customer has to say, albeit through a cool t-shirt or a beautifully customised decor item for their home. Businesses mostly focus on moving inventory and thereby lose the personal touch. George, encourages his customers to have a chat with him about what they really want to say and together they engage in the creative process.

Quality and attention to detail is evident in all the products created by YNT Design. According to George and Yilmaz these were the founding principles of YNT Design and they endeavour to maintain these standards whenever possible. "I have had my arm twisted to produce some large orders of 'cheap and nasty' items for promotional purposes" George, whispers with a wry smile; "...as long as the customer walks away happy, who am I to argue?", he continues.

George and Yilmaz are very proud members of the LGBTQ community and chose their business slogan "typically, atypically", accordingly. Yilmaz reminds us that, "We are all different, with different opinions, values and beliefs, but ultimately we are all human beings and we need to treat one another with respect and kindness."